We make you look and feel amazing!

The artistic tradition of boudoir photography is as old as the camera itself. Historically known as a private suite near the bedchamber of an elegant woman, the "boudoir" salon has been present in art, from paintings to photography worldwide for ages. Evolving throughout the past century with the "pinup" girls and into some of the more risqué images from the 1950s to the modern day; enter Seattle Boudoir Photography, the place for intimate photography.

We offer a contemporary update of this iconic style. Our mission is to celebrate your intrinsic beauty and create empowering experiences for you. We want to leave you feeling stunning, inside and out, subsequently delivering gorgeous photographs that will last a lifetime.

Each session at Seattle Boudoir is tailored to fulfill your wants and needs. Our clients have no age limit, preferred shape or size or "boudoir" style. Many of our clients present their photos as gifts - a simple way to say, "I love you." Whether you've been married for a decade or want to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, boudoir photos of yourself truly express your love for another. Other clients aim to reignite the sensual side of their marriage, sometimes bringing in their partner for a couples shoot! Some clients come to celebrate a new found freedom. There are also the clients who come in "just because"...not for a partner, not because of any life changing event, simply because they want to. Boudoir sessions are a lot of fun, but can be scary in the best possible way. They can be just the boost that you did or didn't know you needed. A session at Seattle Boudoir Photography tends to be exactly what you wanted and then some; the gift that keeps on giving.

Our distinctive team approach provides an all-inclusive service, with hair and makeup artistry pre-shoot wardrobe consultation of your own outfits, on-set touch ups, a professional photo shoot, and so much more. We also invite you into our "home" for a complimentary studio tour. A studio tour is much more an introduction really; to the team and to the space. We know that boudoir can be a sensitive subject for some and would love the opportunity to show off the work that we are so proud of and give you a chance to get creative. While in the studio you can look at product, ask questions, and get more comfortable and excited about the whole experience. Give us a call to book your studio tour today. It'll take no time at all. You can stop in on your way to happy hour with a girlfriend or before you jet home from work. We look forward to meeting you.

The Experience

Prepare to be pampered!

Prior to the day of your session, you will have an in studio or phone consultation with one of our talented team members to discuss ideas regarding the theme and mood desire for your Boudoir session. We'll also have you fill out a handy little questionnaire to help us gain a better understanding of who you are, along with your desires and expectations for your shoot, including details concerning wardrobe, hair and makeup, and styling. If you happen to be "clueless" about this boudoir photography business just know this is a great idea, do not worry. We've got you covered. By understanding what makes you feel beautiful, we can tailor the shoot to your heart's content.

Each one of our sessions begins with styling services from our salon. Our on-set stylist will help quell those last-minute jitters and make final decisions regarding accessories and sets. You are then off to be the belle of the ball in your photo shoot with our artisan photographer, with the rest of our team close by to encourage you along the way. Before your session ends we will schedule your big screen debut (an event in and of itself) to view a hand selected group of your best shots so that you can choose from a delectable array of fine art prints, wall art, albums and other enticing pieces.

Gentlemen, do not be camera shy! While most of our clients are women, we also provide the same comprehensive experience for you too.

The Team

At Seattle Boudoir Photography, every session is an unforgettable experience, thanks in huge part to our fabulous team. From our amazing hair and makeup ladies, on-set stylists, behind the scenes digital and framing team, and our well traveled and experienced photographer. To find out more about our awesome team read on...

Amy Westfall Studio Manager & Human Rolodex

Amy came to Seattle from the cornfields of Indiana. After working customer service roles at various locations, Amy found Seattle Boudoir Photography in the most peculiar way through her local produce guy at Pike Place Market. (Thanks Mark!) When shes not at the studio she is taking photographs, attempting to knit, playing with her 120 pound Newfoundland puppy, or whipping up some amazing food with her husband Tom (whom she occasionally volunteers for construction work around the studio).

Amys main role as the Studio Manager is to ensure everything goes swimmingly for all, clients and cohorts alike! When shes not responding to emails (shes somewhat scared of the phone), shes tracking orders, reviewing photographs, sending out shipments, and of course, creating new documents for the rest of the team. Great with remembering names and faces, Amy can recall clients from a brief description from others. Shes a walking memory card! Although she will choose sneakers over heels any day, Amy will go out of her way to ensure ever client feels as glamorous as they truly are. She may be a bit biased towards the clients that love the Sounders as much as she does, but every lady holds a special place to her. Always with a smile and a quick word to brighten your day, we think well keep Amy around for a while.

Ashley Robey: Boudoir Consultant & Cheerleader

Ashley used to just be a friend of the studio. While working at her "real" job for Aveda, she met Kim and Phil at an event at Zovo Lingerie and just kept hanging around long enough that we figured we might as well put her to work here. She's also mom to the part-time studio dog (and Ms. Georgia Jones' nemesis): a mostly blind, diaper-wearing, teenaged wirehaired fox terrier named Little Girl. An East Coast Taurus, she's bossy and opinionated, but in a good way!

In the studio, she's the gal you'll see to pick out your photos and transform them into customized gorgeous albums and wall portraits. Out of the studio, she's a fun friend and a great cook. She went to beauty school a while ago and also helps to keep the team well-groomed and exfoliated.

She continues to be amazed at how many different pairs of black panties there are in the world.

Kim Merritt Onset Stylist, Framer & Reindeer Wrangler

Kim has many roles here at Seattle Boudoir Photography, first and foremost; our onset stylist! Kim is there for all of our clients every step of the way. From helping pick out outfits, coming up with set ideas, and of course, calming any fears that may arise. Kim is also our framer extraordinaire! She has been framing for over seven years and loves it even still. Other activities for Kim include cat, bear, and reindeer wrangler as well as lighting assistant. She frequently provides the team and clients with nourishment, not limited to Earl Grey and French Brie. Kim is basically the "Kim-of-all -trades" here at Seattle Boudoir. She is not above getting a little dirt on her hands either.

Kim moved from the dirty south to start a new life and business. As well as being a top notch framer, Kim designs and hand makes some of the coolest and grittiest jewelry Seattle has seen in some time. When not in the studio she is playing with metal, fire, and her bicycle. Not at the same time of course, but that could be fun to watch! Definitely the goofy member of the crew she can be caught dancing with a spoon full of Peanut Butter around the studio any time of day.

Phil Holden: Photographer & Honorary Girl

He's been a misfit, round-the-world-heartbreaker, a corporate crony, and now he's a quirky photographer and a giving friend. Phil has been shooting professionally for over 10 years, but the camera has been his sidekick since 2000. He makes everyone feel at ease, whether 8 days old or 80 years old. He shares the studio with his loveable cat, Ms. Georgia Jones, who has been kind enough to adopt him. Phil also has one of the best views in town.

He's got floor to ceiling bookshelves to envy and a taste for greatness. His closet is filled with the likes of Vivienne Westwood and custom shirts by local designers. While shooting he goes to a place that no one can touch, and that is why the results are always beyond expectation. A true Brit, he'll school you on tea and lead you on the path to Earl Grey enlightenment.

As well as the core team, if you come for a visit for a studio tour or a session don't be surprised if you don't get to meet other folks that help and support us. Folks like Ashli, Brandy, Dan, Ajla, Jamie, Lisa, Nicole, Oliver, Robyn and Thomas amongst others, they are all great people and we love having them team up with us!


At Seattle Boudoir Photography we offer a variety of product options to showcase your photographs. Once you have selected your favorite photographs and placed your order we carefully prepare everything while enhancing your best assets, so that you are more perfect than you already are. As an artisan studio, we assemble our archival quality products carefully by hand, allowing your photographs to be cherished for generations. The following page shows our most popular products that our customers love.


We offer a range of albums that balance style and budget. All albums are available in both landscape and portrait orientations. Once you have narrowed down your favorite photographs, our design consultant will work with you to layout the photographs in a dynamic fashion so that your photographs will really shine. Our album pricing starts at $595.

The Classic Album

Wrapped in a timeless silky cover, each photograph in our Classic Album is carefully printed and mounted in-house by our skilled framer. Our Classic Album is offered in a variety of sizes and dimensions ranging between 8x8 and 11x14. With photographs mounted directly onto pages, these entirely handmade albums are durable and substantial - a true work of art. To see some of our sample Classic albums please see the photo gallery below.

The Contemporary Album

This fabulous album features creased centerfolds, making your landscape photos a truly magnificent sight. Colored leathers are available for your album's cover or you may choose a full size photograph which will wrap around from front to back. Contemporary albums start at 6x9 and are available in number of sizes up to 12x12 inches. With prints mounted back-to-back to create a thin coffee table style book, this lightweight album has a sexy and contemporary look and feel. To see some of our sample Contemporary albums see the photo gallery below.

The Chic Album

This album is, well, Chic! This entirely handmade album features flush mount pages of the highest quality and extraordinary customizations. Create a truly one of a kind keepsake to last a lifetime. From luxurious cover choices, creased or cut center folds, and varying page thicknesses, this album will be tailored to your unique personality. Covers can be traditional or alternative; from elegant leathers, silks or lines to hard metals, faux animal fur, or textured leather, the options are near endless! Chic albums start at 6x9 and go up to an incredibly large 12x18 inches - WOW! To see some of our sample Chic albums see the photo gallery below.


It's your turn to be a cover girl all year long! Our 12 month customizable calendars are 17½x11½ inches, allowing you to truly showcase you photos in large scale. With multiple page layouts together we can design a flirty spring, a sexy summer, a charming fall, and a sultry winter! You know you want this one! To see our Calendars samples see the photo gallery below. Calendar pricing starts at $495.

Boudoir Box

Each elegant Boudoir Box is carefully made by hand from start to finish. These boxes are made with the finest silks and linens. Each photograph is printed in-house and skillfully matted by our framer. Boudoir Boxes come in varying depths and in two sizes: 8x10 and 11x14. Each box is paired with a classic frame, allowing you to display your photographs in rotation. Tied with silken bows, these art pieces are sure to be cherished in your home. Our beautiful Boudoir Boxes can be seen here, pricing starts at $695.

Wall Photographs

Albums and boxes are good for keeping things discreet, but a great way to show yourself off is with a fabulous photo hanging on your wall! We offer a vast array of options to display your photos including canvases, panels, and custom frames. All you need to do is choose the size and style of your wall piece and our production team will ensure a completed masterpiece. After all, you ARE a piece of art. Wall pieces start at $150.

If you would like to schedule a complimentary Studio Tour to check out these and other product options please get in touch with us as we would be delighted to help you. We often combine some of our popular products with our sessions to create packages at preferred pricing and timing. If this is something that you are interested in pursuing , please let us know.

If you would like to schedule a Studio Tour to check out these and other product options please get in touch and we would be delighted to help you. We often bundle some of our popular products with our sessions to create bundles at a discount. If thats of interest please ask.

The Studio

With walls of exposed brick standing 18 feet high and sprawling wood floors, our one of a kind photography studio is designed to make you feel very much at home. Located in the heart of Belltown, just blocks from the Pike Place Market, our studio is a contemporary loft filled with light from the south and west facing windows. Our private rooftop deck, overlooking incredible downtown and Elliot Bay views, is also available for use during your shoot. Our flexible studio space, now equipped with a movable wall, allows for multiple set changes; from the bedroom, to the windows, to the bookcase! The studio space will of coursebe echoing with the music of your choice to help make you feel like the ultimate diva during your session.


I suppose I should start by saying... 5 stars just isn't enough! From the moment I made that first phone call to simply get information on the process, I've felt like a member of their close-knit family. Erin was extremely helpful (and friendly!) in getting my session set-up and answering all of my questions, including the ones I hesitated to ask. She was also there the afternoon of my session to give me a boost of confidence and encourage me to have fun. While my hair and make-up were being done, Kim was not only there for even more encouragement, but she also unpacked my bags (Who does that?! Kim does!), put my outfits together, and made sure every piece of hair was in place. The only thing I had to do that afternoon was show up! I can't express it enough... I felt like a superstar. That afternoon was all. about. ME! Sure, the birthday present for my husband was the final goal... but I personally felt like their #1 goal was to make me feel good about myself. When it (finally!) came time to review my photos with Julie, I hardly recognized myself! "Is that me?!" She helped me put the album together (which turned out to be SO beautiful!) and even spent the time to indulge in my chatty side. The hardest part of this whole process was the waiting! I kept all of it a secret from the hubby and the anticipation was KILLING me! I picked up his album a few days before his birthday and couldn't wait any longer. He absolutely loved it! He had no idea what I had up my sleeve and was extremely flattered by the idea. So, in conclusion: To Phil, Erin, Amy, Kim, Julie, Kristina and anyone I may have left out... I can't thank you enough for the experience of a lifetime! I will forever be an advocate for all of you and for Seattle Boudoir. XOXO <3

SBP made me fall in love with them ... and myself! I was so nervous about my session but the staff here makes you feel like family. They are there with you from start to finish and they make sure you are at ease before, during and after the photo shoot! I was so insecure about everything and how the pictures would turn out, but thanks to Phil and the team here, I had NOTHING to worry about! I looked FANTASTIC! I couldn't believe the lovely lady in the pictures was me! Call and go in for a studio tour and consultation! Once you book your session, uou will not be disappointed! Well worth it!

Phil and I met at a common friend's birthday and became friends; subsequently I saw many of his photos and no matter the subject, babies, families, nudes, animals, color, black and white, they were very evocative to say the least. I knew then, that this is the man who had to shoot me au naturale. I mean, I loved looking at myself in the mirror and wanted to freeze it...create an album for posterity, so I could look at it when I am 75 and go "Damn, I looked hot!" :). I finally got around to purchasing the Pamper-Me-Pretty package with Seattle Boudoir Photography last winter and wanted to get it done before the holidays. His friendly team scheduled me in, even though the pre-holiday season was packed; I had no inkling of how busy they were during the whole time I was there. It was an absolutely enjoyable photo-shoot with a super friendly crew. Am pretty sure they don't get too many East Indians, but the makeup was just perfect for my dusky skin color. My knowing Phil should've actually made me uncomfortable with being shot in lingerie or less, but the wonderful team made me feel so comfortable during the experience and even though at first, I was a bit camera shy and was just following instructions... in no time, I was proactively pouting and posing :). I was thoroughly enjoying it!

Fast forward a month later, when the photos arrived and Seattle Boudoir's image consultant called me in to show them to me, the fact that I got so positively turned on looking at my photos was testament to the fact that I'd taken the right decision.

So I'd urge you to go for it. Coz you are worth it! And there's no one better than Phil and the team at Seattle Boudoir to remind you of it!

I wanted something particularly special for my husband for a gift. I am naturally somewhat reserved and don't consider myself a type who is generally prone to wearing items that reveal my assets. But I was also trying to think, "What would he like?" Remember the Schoolhouse Rock video "Interjection?" WOW! This experience was made so special by the team at Seattle Boudoir. I thought Christina, Nicole, Phil and Erin went to great lengths to accommodate me and make me feel comfortable (by the way, I drove up from Portland for the day). If this is just doing the job, the job is fantastic! My photos turned out so beautifully and my husband (who was entirely surprised) loves them! By the time we were partly into the session my comfort level was such that I decided to do some lovely pictures without my adorable outfits, just a pretty red throw strategically placed, some of my favorite pictures, those (and hubby's too)! I encourage anyone considering this to make sure you don't short-change your time (I had an hour for photos) and I was very happy with my hair and makeup, thanks Christina! Your combined expertise made a nice looking woman look quite stunning. I have to say, driving from Portland for this was absolutely worth it, no questions! I would definitely do this again. If you are looking at getting boudoir portraits I highly recommend the experience with Seattle Boudoir!

When I booked the couples session with Seattle Boudoir Photography I wanted to share something of myself with my wife that I had never even contemplated seriously before. To say I was intimidated was an understatement. :) The team not only provided a fun and fabulous environment and images showcasing my love for how beautiful I have always seen her but also captured the tender love and passion that is still between us. I cannot thank them enough for capturing not just who we have been and who we are, but also who we want to be as a couple through the years to come. This is an amazing group of individuals and I cannot thank them enough . . . for being who they are. . . and doing what they do.

Picture this: 6 best friends, recently brunched and mani/pedicured, arms full of luggage containing our favorite and most risque lingerie, jewelry, and accessories, walking into a glorious studio early on a hot August afternoon. The excitement was palpable! Every detail was taken care of by the staff. Our lovely assistants at the studio styled our hair, applied flawless make-up, chose our costumes (if you can call panties a costume) and kept our glasses full. Phil, the photographer, and Nicole, the team manager, helped us relax, get inspired, and look our very best. Nicole even watches each photo session to ensure every feminine asset is capitalized. And, while each of us took our turn as model, the rest of us ladies primped, snacked, drank and laughed. A truly memorable experience hosted by a singular team.

Thanks to SBP, every one of us got to experience what it feels like to be a true pin-up girl. Check that one off the bucket list! Oh, and it is absolutely, hands-down, the best way to throw a bachelorette party!

I went with 5 of my girlfriends for a bachelorette party-- I have to say, this was the best idea ever, and I don't think any other party could top it. When a friend suggested it, I was SUPER skeptical because I'm very modest, but they assured me that you could be wearing a full-length gown, nothing at all, or anything in between, whatever makes you feel sexy.

They ask you some questions ahead of time to get a sense of what your style is. When you arrive at the too-beautiful-to-be-believed Belltown loft, you go through the outfits you brought with their shoot stylist who helps you coordinate and accessorize if you need some help. Then you are turned over to the fabulous hair and makeup team who will make you look better than you thought was humanly possible, and yet, not have it look like you're wearing too much make up. Just you, only better.

Next you're off to your actual photo shoot. I thought I would be really terrible at this, and I was worried about the photographer being a man, but it was completely baseless. Nicole is there every step of the way guiding you with how to pose to the best effect, and Phil really is the most amazing photographer, and everyone is so positive and warm that you couldn't possibly be uncomfortable. It's a serious self-esteem booster. Honestly, I think it would be worth doing for the experience alone. But after your shoot is done, you come back to the studio to check out your photos, pick which ones you like best (the hardest part of the whole endeavor) and then you get just the most gorgeous pictures. Another thing I was worried about was the cost-- I mean, it's not like $20 mall glamor shots or anything. As the econ-nerd that I am, I worked out the total time spent on me from start to finish, and the entire team of people who are there to make it happen, and guess what? It's a freakin' bargain. Especially when you consider how high quality the end product is. You get way more than you pay for.

So yeah, obviously I'm a total convert. I plan on coming back up to Seattle for any major photography needs in my future. Team Boudoir FTW.

I can't even describe my experience at seattle boudoir...it was that awesome! We went there for a bachelorette party and just had a blast - all the staff is super nice and will make you feel very comfortable. The make up and hair stylists did a great job and Nicole - again no words - she had great ideas, gave good suggestions and just had an happy energy that made me feel great.

The pictures for all three of us were beyond sexy - Phil is an extremely talented photographer. Again the photo viewing experience was lot of fun as well and they just have such great people working there.

Totally Recommended! I am already thinking about doing another session....just need to convince my husband for a couples shoot

Best Bachelorette Party EVER!?? The highlight of the bachelorette party was the photoshoot with Phil and team. It was amazing, the six of us girls were super excited. And even though the bride, for whom it was a surprise, was nervous, the team did a great job in making her feel comfortable. It was one of the best days ever!! We all felt sexy, powerful and confident! I ended up making a photo book for my fiance and when we were picking out the pictures he said, so when we're about 80 and old and wrinkly please don't mind if I spend lots of time with this book... You end up having a lifetime memory of how awesome you looked in your 20's! Can't wait to have another shoot some time down the road!

Here's another five-star review. I found SBP through their promotion on LivingSocial. Though these kinds of photographs were never a consideration, I purchased the promo because there was always one photograph I wanted with my husband. And it wasn't even a "boudoir" type of photo.

Anyway, I called and spoke with Nicole, who really does make you feel like a long lost friend. She thoroughly answered all my questions and got me really excited for the shoot (I upgraded the promo to a couples session). Fast forward to the day of our session and my husband wasn't exactly chomping at the bit to take boudoir photos (his response - "I'm just along for the ride").

So we get to the studio and my husband and I are totally nervous and don't exaclty know what to expect. I'm dreading that I'll be in the dog house for what I got us into and I immediately want to turn and go back home. But who saves the day for us? Nicole! From the minute we get off of the elevator, this woman is a social butterfly who has tons of energy and really treats you like you're the only person (or couple) in the world. I meet Jen from Pinup Salon and she, too, is warm and welcoming. She does my make up and does it perfectly. To my preference, I look natural but fancier. My next hurdle is Phil, the photographer. I'm not a narcissist so I'm dreading what I look like and am thinking how this Phil guy is going to make me feel even more uncomfortable and how am I supposed to get great photos if I look so staged? Thankfully, this turns out to be farthest from what actually transpires.

Phil is really just the brains of the camera. He will go to great lengths to get his shot (such as standing on a ladder with a boot [see their FB page for photos]). He has a great sense of humor and once he started telling me what to do in front of the camera, my hesitation pretty much just melted away. And hearing my husband say "Wow" about fifty times really helped.

The experience was not what I had expected. My husband and I had a great time (that really is an understatement). I honestly did not want to leave because the team really makes you feel stunning. And who doesn't want to feel stunning?!

Three extremely long weeks later, my husband and I go back to see our photographs. I was just hoping for at least a handful of great photos. My husband and I were literally blown away by what was captured. From about 100 images, we filtered them down to about 30. THIRTY photographs that I just cannot live without. The moments that Phil caught, the feelings that Nicole helped emote, and the beauty that Jenn brought out were phenomenally compiled into my album. The photographic quality really did come across as fine art. I cannot stop thinking of these photographs (our album arrives in 6-8 weeks).

How can I even begin to describe the experience?

I went in per the recommendation of a friend that had recently been a client. My intention was to go to give a very special birthday gift to my love who is currently overseas. I myself just had a monumental birthday and thought it could be a mutually beneficial experience. I went in and met the crew and had a chance to feel out the space. It is beautiful inside...hip and modern but cozy and comfortable. I immediately felt welcomed. I scheduled my session on the spot and was to return the next week. I went back, excited, nervous and full of adrenaline! It was a rush, walk in, sit down for hair and make-up, pick out outfits and smile for the camera. How could I not? I felt amazing! I felt like a truly sexy woman for one of the first times in my life. I was doing this for the man I loved but quickly realized what it was doing for me. It was invigorating! It was a place where I felt comfortable and trusting to let a part of myself go!

I can't wait to go back and do it again! It's an essential part of one's being to feel that amazing. You can't get it in a therapy session...I'll promise you that much!

Phil, Nicole and Jen...thank you! I can't wait to document other events in my life "boudoir-style" for years to come!

Can I Come Back Now?

To say that my experience was the most amazing experience I've had with a group of "strangers" is an understatement! I know consider the team at Seattle Boudoir Photography my family They made me feel like I was home and completely comfortable, I instantly felt like I had known them all for years!! We laughed, joked and enjoyed ourselves and I couldn't have had a better time. Jane did a FABULOUS job on the hair and make-up!!! Nicole treats you like a long lost friend and makes you feel like a movie star and of course Phil! By the time you leave he will make you feel like you've just finished the most glamorous, hot, beautiful, stunning, etc. etc. photo shoot and guess what? You did!!! I have never been comfortable in front of the camera, but now I want to go back every month ha ha They're an amazing group of people and I love them all to death. Seattle Boudoir, you kick butt! Thank you for making me look and feel gorgeous and for the stunning pictures you took of me. My husband is going to LOVE them!! You rock!

If it weren't for my terrific girlfriends, I never would have known about or gone to Seattle Boudoir Photography. My session was a surprise, so when I walked in and realized what I was going to be doing, I was really scared. However, the staff were incredibly friendly and supportive and made me feel at home pretty quickly. When it came time for the photos to begin I looked HOT thanks to the awesome hair and makeup stylists. I wasn't nervous and ended up having an amazing time. Usually I don't even like having my picture taken. About a week after my session, my finace came with me to the studio to pick out the prints we wanted. They all looked gorgeuos! Phil is a really talented photographer. I would recommend this experience to anyone!

A Great Experience... and a lot of fun!

When I first came to Seattle Bourdoir Photography and I was nervous. I will also admit I didnt feel very "sexy" going in. It is amazing what a difference several beautiful people can make! Phil was wonderful and made me feel very relaxed. Before I knew it I was peeling off layers of clothing and laughing the whole time. I especially appreciated the questionnaire that was emailed to me prior to the appointment- it gave me an opportunity to express my comfort level, and the look I was going for, weeks before I cam in. This let me think about what was comfortable for me and really helped me feel at ease. SO MUCH FUN. You seriously will love these pictures for life.

Being a professional photographer myself I tend to be fairly pick about what I am looking for in photographs. After looking around quite a bit I found Seattle Boudoir Photography. After looking through their site and gallery of images I decided they were the one! I recently got married and finally decided that this was going to be the wedding gift to my fiancee. Nicole was awesome at helping me get my sitting done in time to have my brag book done before the wedding. My husband loved it! I had an excellent time during the shoot and everyone there made me feel welcome and relaxed. I felt sexy and confident for once! Phil was great, he has vast experience in all realms of photograpy and it shows. I can't wait to go back for my next sitting! If you are considering doing this - all I can say is this "JUST DO IT"! You won't regret it.

I have never felt so empowered in my life! Nicole and Phil and the whole crew are amazing! They make you feel so welcome once you make the first call, any question you have they answer and any request they honor! Phil has an amazing eye for pictures, his shots come out incredible! Wasn't really nervous going in, but could have run around naked all day after the shoot. If this is something you thinking about doing, you will not regret it. I can't wait to go back for another event!!

Seattle Boudoir Photography is everything you would hope it to be. My husband purchased it for me as a gift and after the shoot I said he could do no wrong and he was set for life. By far the best experience for MYSELF I have ever had. All of the staff tend to your needs and make you feel like no one else exists. You come in feeling relaxed and they spend time with you like you were hanging out with your friends. Have fun with this day and do what YOU want to do and you will be greatly rewarded. Nicole is your personal cheerleader and she adds those final touches that make it more sassy and sexy. Phil is so insanely awesome and amazing. I will do this every year from here on out. Thank you so much Seattle Boudoir Photography, you have forever changed me!

I had been looking for someone who could do photos like this for a long time, but could never find something I felt comfortable with. From the first moment, I felt like this was the right place and the right group of people to work with. Everyone on the team made me feel welcome and at ease asking any questions or voicing any concerns. When it was time for my session, I was totally excited for it & felt confident throughout the process that this was going to turn out the way I had been hoping it would. I was SHOCKED at how beautiful the photos actually turned out!! I was hoping to just get one or two that I could surprise my husband with & actually ended up with a lot of decisions to make!! Phil is truly an artist and he has surrounded himself with an outstanding team of professionals. I felt like I got to be a "cover girl" for a day & most importantly ended up with a lasting gift for my husband that literally brings him to tears just thinking about it! He was so touched that I would do something this personal for him, but Seattle Boudoir Photography made it such a wonderful experience overall that I would do it again in a heartbeat.

It is still hard to find the words to describe the awesome experience that was my photo shoot with Phil and his team at Seattle Boudoir. Phil was the silent man behind the camera while his team of women who radiate "girl power" were there to cheer me on and tell me how fabulous I was. I know one of the missions of the boudoir aspect of Phil's work is for the client to walk away feeling empowered and that was certainly the case for me. It was not until I actually saw the photographs a week later that I realized that not only was I coming away from this experience feeling charged, I was also going to come away with a book of fabulous photographs. Phil's creative eye caught things I could never have seen in the mirror and it was very difficult in the end to choose which photos I loved the most. I would definitely recommend Phil and his team.

I did a photo shoot with SBP for a Valentine's Day gift for my husband. I am so happy with my photos, and the whole experience was simply wonderful! I worked with Phil, Nicole, Jen, and Kim and just had an amazing time! I felt comfortable, and I couldn't stop laughing. Besides being so professional and very very good at what they do, these folks are good, friendly people, and I wanted to just hang out with them all day! I never felt awkward or embarrassed, and my nervousness was dispelled as soon as I walked in the door. The studio is beautiful and has fantastic atmosphere. I had such a good time that I even talked my very conservative mother into doing this for my parents' anniversary! I know that they will even make her feel right at home. I definitely recommend that you treat yourself to this experience! Your significant other will be more than happy with the results too.

I never would have believed that one of the most nervously-anticipated events in my entire life would end up being one of the most fun things that I've ever done. I'm naturally shy, especially about nudity and being the center of attention, but I knew this gift idea would leave my ultra-visual boyfriend speechless (and happy). Plus, I wanted it for myself-- at 40, I have very few photos of myself (none professional) and I thought it would be nice to someday look back at them when I think being under 50 is youthful! The entire team made the whole experience unforgettable. Expect pampering, hilarity, professionalism and talent dripping from all of them. They're sophisticated, yet down-to-earth, relaxed, but absolute experts at what they do. You'll know immediately that they love their jobs. You'll wish they were your friends in real life. If you're considering doing this for yourself or someone else, you will be thrilled that you went for it and that you went with the best; I know I am.

This was an incredible experience!! ... I really wasn't sure what to expect when I decided to do boudoir photographs, I looked around a little on the internet but didn't really come up with much or what I did see was extremely expensive. But I knew the moment I clicked on Seattle Bourdoir Photagraphy's website that I was going to have this done and by them! My bf is in the Army and is currently in a very hostile land where I can't give him my comfort and I recommend every woman do this either for themselves or for someone special. Phil and his magical crew of women gave me the best experience I coukd have imagined this to b... from the hair, make up, to the encouragment of everyone and help with clothes (or lack of) but still keeping everything classy, comfortable, and extremely enjoyable! I can already imagine doing this again and again with a bunch of themes.

When I went back to see my photos, I couldn't believe how many I loved and had a hard time narrowing it down. Nicole spent a long time going through each photo, providing her input and advice, and helped me make a great decision.

The best part of the whole experience was, of course, the look on my husband's face when he opened his gift. And I was able to take him back to the studio later to view all my other photos so he could choose more.

The greatest thing about Seattle Boudoir Photography is that it's not just about sexy photos, it's about creating an experience I loved my experience, I love the staff and I highly recommend Seattle Boudoir Photography if you're even thinking about doing a sexy, pin-up style photo session. I can't say enough good things about this studio and the people involved.

Looking for something different and a special gift for your husband,fiancee or boyfriend then I would recommend Seattle Boudoir Photography. I've been wanting to do a boudoir pictures for three years as a different gift for my beloved husband,Chris. Everytime I google something, it always came out with just one result in Seattle but I didn't feel comfortable with it. When they told me around June 2009 that I will be deploy, I want to give something special for my husband. On August, I thought about leaving a really great pictures of me for my husband so I search again for a boudoir pictures . I saw the Seattle Boudoir Photography, I check out the website and I feel like this is the one. I request them to contact me and two hours later, I talk to Jennifer. I explained to her my situation and she managed to scheduled me around with my busy schedule. I got my pictures taken on 29 August and the minute I walk in inside the studio, I never felt so welcome with such a great friendly smile. The studio was nice and inviting. Jennifer did a great job with my hair and make up. Merilee and Nicole picked out the outfit for me to wear and Phil is one awesome photographer. The girls are so great for making me not so nervous and made me laugh and I felt so comfortable with it. On September 12, I went back to view my pictures and I was so speechless. Phil captured my beauty and I never felt so beautiful in my life until I saw it. I had a very hard time narrowing down my pictures and thanks to Nicole, she came to the rescue. The team did a great outstanding job and I want them to thank them from the bottom of my heart for a very wonderful experienced. If I could give this more than a five stars, I would give it a million of stars. I would really recommend this and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

When I originally booked my photo shoot with Seattle Boudoir Photography, I didn't know what to expect. I'm a fairly modest individual and didn't think I had what it took to "go all out" When I arrived for my shoot, I was greeted with a friendly smile, exactly what I needed to ease the nerves. After getting hair and makeup done (fabulous!) It was go time. So, I changed into my first outfit that the ladies helped me decide on (Bring everything! they told me) and was taken to the set. It was such a natural experience. I got to use some props and poses that I didn't expect would go over well. (cat ears, Dungeons & dragons master guide, umbrella) They were willing to incorporate all my crazy ideas and still make it sexy too! The staff was extraordinarily professional and I didn't feel judged at all. As a matter of fact, for a fleeting moment I forgot I was letting it all hang out! I would recommend SBP for anyone looking for a one of a kind gift for their special someone. Thanks again guys!

I experienced Seattle Boudoir Photography during a bachelorette party for a close friend. It was truly the most fun and most memorable bachelorette party I have been to!

The studio is classy, intimate, and inviting. The staff (Phil, Nicole, Jen, and Marileigh) are phenominal. They are professional, and they will make you feel like a supermodel! I was especially impressed with their keen eye for details. Whether that meant positioning every strand of hair perfectly or letting everything flow, they knew what they were doing!

If you are looking to have an extraordinary bachelorette party or just want to have some boudoiresque pictures taken for a loved one, this is the place to do it! I will be back!

I wanted to let you know that the mail service did their job. I expected the photos to arrive in Iraq on Thursday, but low and behold they arrived today, on Armed Forces Day. If I had attempted to to make that part happened, it never would have.

I asked SGT B to wait and open the box after he was on Skype with the webcam tonight. The first photo he opened was the corset and wine bottle. He thoroughly enjoyed that and decided he was taking that one to his office for his desk. I had included a silver shadowbox frame for him to use. When he opened the two-fold leg shots, he was speechless. Seriously speechless, and very emotional. Soldiers don't cry, but he was teary-eyed. By the end of our conversation he was taking the two-fold to work so that he had something to look forward to everyday when going to the office. I replayed as much of the 'shoot' day for him as I could remember, from what I had written as a reminder. Unfortunately, it was a bit of a blurr. It sounds like I will be back for another shoot, with SGT B in tow this time. He was enthralled with the whole process and then had to look at your website. I don't know if you have a link or can show him some of my other photos, but he would like to see some if you can, and may be emailing you with that request.

Phil, you did an incredible job capturing "me" for him. Jen, you made me beautiful beyond belief, and Nicole... thank you for helping me choose the best of the best for him - and putting my wardrobe together

Thank you for the encouragement all of you gave me to make this such a successful opportunity to do something special for SGT B. Armed Forces Day was a success with your help!

Thank you so much!
-Ms P.

What do I think of my photos...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE ALL OF IT!!! PHIL YOU ARE AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! I met up with Nicole yesterday to view my photos (thank you Nicole for making it fun and helping me pick out photos)and so excited to give these photos as my wedding/valentine gift to my husband to be!!!


I was so thrilled to meet Phil and the team and spend time with them as they discovered the type of photo shoot I had envisioned for myself. We spent time looking at his own work and other photography books for ideas and his learning about comforts and discomforts. When setting up my appointment and leading up to the appointed time, he made sure I had all my questions answered, did I have any additional requests, last minute thoughts. It was all about me. Everything was set up (makeup), his assistant is as easy to be with/around as was Phil's easy manner. I couldn't have been more comfortable had I been in my own home. While very professional, it is a relaxing environment.

I would love to do another shoot, but I don't know how I would/could change the product I have now from this one.

I went in per the recommendation of a friend that had recently been a client. My intention was to go to give a very special birthday gift to my love who is currently overseas. I myself just had a monumental birthday and thought it could be a mutually beneficial experience. I went in and met the crew and had a chance to feel out the space. It is beautiful inside...hip and modern but cozy and comfortable. I immediately felt welcomed I scheduled my session on the spot and was to return the next week. I went back, excited, nervous and full of adrenaline! It was a rush, walk in, sit down for hair and make-up, pick out outfits and smile for the camera. How could I not? I felt amazing! I felt like a truly sexy woman for one of the first times in my life. I was doing this for the man I loved but quickly realized what it was doing for me. It was invigorating! It was a place where I felt comfortable and trusting to let a part of myself go!

Frequently asked questions

What should I wear?

We encourage you to treat yourself to something new whether sensual, sexy, fun or flirty! Whether it’s a new bra and panty set or a beautiful camisole, new lingerie can make any woman feel great. Please bring several different outfits to your shoot. Whether you’re trying to achieve a specific look or want some diversity, your wardrobe plays a big part in your shoot and will allow us to deliver a great variety of images to you. We can also happily provide you with ideas on themes and where to purchase different items before your session. We’ve also got a variety of accent pieces in studio to add to your wardrobe; from stockings and aprons, to slips and garters.

Gentlemen, don’t think we’ve forgotten about you! Your wardrobe is equally as important for your session. Just like the ladies, please bring in a few different outfits for your session. A well-tailored suit looks great on any guy, but don’t forget your favorite pair of jeans that your significant other loves on your body.

What about accessories?

We love accessories! They can really add another dimension to your look and they personalize your boudoir photographs that much more. Often the best accessories are found in your closet already. Maybe it’s your favorite necklace or the tie he wore on your first date. Great accessories can be scarves, hats, lacy cuffs and of course shoes. Ladies, DO NOT forget your shoes. This may be the one accessory you can’t live without. We’re always open to anything that is special to you. If it makes you feel beautiful and confident, bring it. Gentlemen, don’t forget your cufflinks, hats, and stylish shoes as well.

I'm nervous. How do I get past that part of it?

Most of us are nervous in front of the camera fully clothed, so we understand how nerve -wracking the thought of doing this can be. The first thing to think about is that you’re doing it. So you must feel at least confident enough to have picked up the phone. The second thing is that we are here to help you celebrate your natural beauty and to create beautiful artistic photographs of you; photographs that you’ll treasure from now until the end of time. Boudoir is not about getting naked and baring it all. It’s about you and what makes you feel sexy. We’re here to support you in that in whatever way we can.

Can I bring a friend?

Of course! We know from experience that having a friend around can be comforting and fun, so bring them along. If you think they might be interested in their own boudoir photography session you can book back to back sessions and get $50 off each of your sessions or package price.

Do you do Maternity Boudoir shoots?

Yes! We believe that there’s something truly gorgeous- and even sexy - about a pregnant woman. Maternity sessions can be fun on your own or with a partner. We don’t all feel sexy when we’re pregnant; this session will remind you that you are.

Where do the photography sessions take place?

Generally, our photo shoots take place in our Belltown photography studio in Seattle. However, your home or even a glamorous hotel room are options we can accommodate if you’re looking for a more specific setting. This can be discussed further when you set up your boudoir photography session.

I want to get some sexy shots, but I don't want to be nude. Is that OK?

How much or how little you want to reveal is completely up to you. What one might find to be sexy is different than what another might find sexy. So please, do not feel any pressure to reveal any more than you want to but also keep in mind that that sometimes changes once you’re feeling at ease in the studio. We are not in the business of pornography, we are in the business of making our clients feel contented, beautiful and encouraged. Know that we respect your boundaries. Your time with us is not about what we want, it’s all about you and what you are comfortable with.

Do you edit & stylize the photographs?

Every print that you order, whether for an album or a signature gallery wall piece, is carefully retouched and fine tuned to create beautiful prints that look natural. We remove blemishes, smooth lines, enhance your eyes and lips, while keeping it true to you. If you have specific desires for retouching please just let us know and we will do our best to accommodate.

I've never done anything like this before, how will I know what to do and how to pose?

Do not fret! We are here for you in every way. Our team will work with you to create just the right look. We will direct you to pose in the most flattering, fun and sexy ways. Using different camera angles and lighting, we will work to play-up your best assets and simply not focus on your least favorite areas (unless of course they’re your partners favorites).


Ms. S scheduled her session so that she could have a fabulous birthday gift for her husband. Although she was initially a bit nervous about her session, after meeting everyone in the studio she was at complete ease. Listen to her experience and see some of her finished photographs.

Ms. L is proof that visiting our studio for a consult prior to your session can calm any nerves a client may have! As a self-proclaimed "nerd", Ms. L didn't think she had it in her to be able to do a boudoir session, yet we did. Listen to Ms. L's story about her overall experience here with us at Seattle Boudoir Photography!

We put together this clip to give you a little taste of what happens here at Seattle Boudoir Photography and to show what a fantastic experience our wonderful and beautiful clients have while in our studio.

We asked one of our sassy clients to share a little about her experience with us and quite frankly, we weren't surprised by what we heard. Have a listen.

At Seattle Boudoir we try to be involved in our community and do our part to help where and when we can. We did a series of shoots to raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research. One of clients, a breast cancer survivor, shares a bit about her experience with us and how it helped her.


Please enjoy our array of packages, ranging from individual to couples sessions and maybe an unexpected surprise or two. If you don't find exactly what you're looking for please do not hesitate to phone or email us with any special requests.

We encourage you to think of your boudoir experience as an investment. We know it's not something most people do every day and we've worked very hard to make sure the products you're taking home are of the best quality. Because a Boudoir photo session is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most, we want to ensure you're taking home is exactly what you want and is perfect for you. We can offer payment plans if needed. We can give more specifics around them on your studio tour or over the phone.

As well as our core sessions we have just released our new 'Shades' services, to see those click on the '50 Shades of You' tab to get the details. We also run promotions and specials so if you aren't already a fan of us on Facebook please 'Like' us to receive notices of our specials. Don't forget about our complementary studio tour where you can come and visit us, check out our products, see the beautiful space, and ask as many questions as you'd like.

Pamper Me Pretty - $595
The full boudoir experience!

Each Pamper Me Pretty session is approximately two hours in length, giving you enough time to get comfortable, shake off those butterflies, and unleash your inner diva! While you sit back, relax, and enjoy your complete makeover our stylist will review and assemble up to three outfits from your wardrobe selection and design your sets. Before you know it, you'll be shining in front of the camera during your professional photo shoot! Our Pamper Me Pretty includes

  • A pre-session consultation with our onset stylist
  • Professional hair & makeup by one of Seattle's top salons
  • Approximately one hour of photography
  • Your own Big Screen debut to review your photographs
  • A 11x14 paneled photo print or $195 credit towards other products

Tasty Teaser - $495
A mini-session!

The Tasty Teaser is a fun way to strut your stuff in the mini version of the full session. You doll up your hair and we'll do the rest. This session is approximately 1 hour and is a great way for the unsure client to give us a try. For those clients that have been there, done that; it's a way to top off your experience with any ideas we simply could not fit in the first time around. Our Tasty Teaser includes

  • A pre-session consultation with our onset stylist
  • Professional makeup by one of Seattle's top salons
  • Approximately thirty minutes of photography
  • Your own Big Screen debut to review your photographs
  • An 11x14 paneled photo print or $195 credit towards other products

Sexy, Party of Two - $895
A shoot for couples!

Add some sugar and spice to your relationship by surprising your special someone with an intimate experience you can both savor. Our couples sessions are just as much about an experience as everything else we do here at Seattle Boudoir Photography with an added bonus; that you get to share it with your loved one. Whether you want to reignite that fire or just want to have some good, plain fun, we'll provide with just the space for it. Your session will include full hair and makeup applications, as well as on-set styling and posing and of course photography time with one of Seattle's top boudoir photographers. Whether you've been together for 6 weeks or a couple of decades this is just what the doctor ordered. Our Sexy, Party of Two includes

  • A pre-session consultation with our onset stylist
  • Professional hair & makeup by one of Seattle's top salons
  • Approximately one hour of photography
  • Your own Big Screen debut to review the photographs
  • A 16x24 wall panel or a $395 towards other products

The Maverick - $495
Dude-oir - Boudoir for Men!

Presenting "Dude-oir" - Boudoir for Men! Your partner would do it for you in a heartbeat so why not pay it forward tenfold. Whether you're an officer or a gentleman, in cuff links or carhartts there’s absolutely no reason you can’t enjoy a sexy photo or two as well! You might be a 007 kind of guy or perhaps the fifth element. Girls should definitely not have all the fun and although it may sound cheesy, Dude-oir will leave your honey hungry for more. Our Maverick includes

  • A pre-session consultation with our onset stylist
  • Professional styling by one of Seattle’s top salons
  • Approximately 30-40 minutes of photography
  • Your own Big Screen debut to review the photographs
  • An 11x14 paneled photo print or $195 credit towards other products

Boudoir Soires!
Fabulous day of pampering, drinks, nibbles, photos, and fun for you and your ladies!

If you're looking for a truly unforgettable event to share with your favorite ladies then Seattle Boudoir is the place to be. It might not be Vegas, but what happens here stays here! Whether it's a bachelorette party, a birthday celebration, or a girls night out, this glam-o-rama is not to miss.

We have designed our Boudoir Soirees to combine salon quality styling and pampering with top notch photography, so you're in for a treat. Each guest in your party will receive a complimentary glass of your choice upon arrival with yummy nibbles on hand to keep you energized. Each lady's photography session will be personalized with professional makeup application & hairstyling along with wardrobe styling and on set direction. In addition to Seattle Boudoir's crew "oohing and ahhing" throughout the day you'll have your personal cheerleaders beside you - what could be better?! And don't forget about a group photo at the end of the sessions to memorialize the day! To top it off, each lady in the party receives a Seattle Boudoir goodie bag to take home with them filled with fabulous gifts! Our Boudoir Soirees for each lady includes

  • A pre-session consultation with our onset director
  • Professional hair & makeup by one of Seattle's top salons
  • Approximately thirty minutes of photography
  • Your own Big Screen debut to review the photographs
  • Complimentary drinks
  • Seattle Boudoir goodie bag

When the glitz, glamour, and pampering ends at the studio you can continue the Soire with a night out on the town! The studio is located in the heart of Belltown, with easy access to downtown, Capitol Hill and many other hot spots. Let us know what you've got in mind and we'll happily point you in the right direction or make a reservation for you at your favorite restaurant.

Whatever the occasion we can help with the final details; grab your girls and the get the party started!

$450 per person for parties of three or four
$500 per person for parties of five or six

Extra Sexy Extras

If you are in the mood to splurge and want some extra pampering then please consider these options in addition to your main session;

  • So Sexy - $99. This is for the gal that simply can’t be bothered to pare down her wardrobe. You’ve got too many beautiful things that all need to see a piece of the action. We are happy to oblige. Let us know that you want to add 30 minutes to your session for only $99 and we’ll help you rock all that glamour into the best photos of yourself you’ve ever seen.
  • The Mane Attraction - $99. For the client who wants to do a special hairstyle change for a portion of the shoot or would like to add hairstyling onto a Tasty Teaser or other mini session.
  • Gorgeous Glam - $99. Interested in changing up your makeup during your session? Then the Gorgeous Glam is for you! Having a Makeup Boost during your session can transform your look from sweet to sultry, sporty to spicy, lady to vixen! If you’d love to transform your makeup during your session for only $99 let us know so we can help show off all sides of your personality.

50 Shades of You

Explore your fantasy through photography!

Whether you have read the book "50 Shades of Grey" or not, one thing is clear, letting go and giving yourself permission to show off all the shades of your personality - just like Anastasia - can be empowering, fun and give you a major confidence boost!

Seattle Boudoir Photography has created a new series of photography packages designed to allow you to explore your own shades through intimate photography. You get to choose what feels right for you, but the idea is that you get to pick different outfits, starting out with something flirty and "vanilla", moving into something sexy and ending with a shoot in our "red room" set, to show off your naughtier side.

Our 50 Shades packages not only allows our clients to explore their own sexuality, but they also make great gifts. If you happen to have an upcoming anniversary, birthday or another date that is special to you like the holidays or Valentines then this would be the perfect gift for both of you.

If this has gotten you interested, come hang with the Seattle Boudoir team. We have a truly full production studio, located in a gorgeous Belltown loft, just blocks from Christian Grey's Escala penthouse.

Explore Your Shades - $675
Rediscover Your Sensual, Sexy Side

With the Explore Your Shades session, you will enjoy an approximately 1.5 hour session with our team, where you can begin to explore your own sensual and sexy "shades" through photography. You just take care of your own hair and we will do the rest - e.g. onset styling, make-up, pose suggestions, lighting, and more!

Our Explore Your Shades package includes:

  • A pre-session consultation with our onset stylist
  • Professional makeup by one of Seattle's top salons
  • Onset stylist to assist you with each look and pose
  • Approximately 45 minutes of photography
  • Private big-screen debut to reveal your Shades photos
  • A 9x9 beautiful silk folio containing two photographs or $275 credit towards other products

Reveal Your Shades - $995
Reveal Your Inner Sex Goddess(es)

With the Reveal Your Shades session, you will get to spend approximately 3 hours with our team, exploring three very distinct "shades" of your personality. It doesn't matter if you are more shy and "vanilla" or very naughty -- you will have plenty of time to play with different sexy looks and poses, with the help of highly trained female stylists. Our Reveal Your Shades package also includes our makeup "boost", The Gorgeous Glam, to transform you into your most sexy and confident self.

Our Reveal Your Shades includes:

  • A pre-session consultation with our onset stylist
  • Professional hair & makeup by one of Seattle's top salons
  • Onset stylist to assist you with each look and pose
  • The Gorgeous Glam makeup "boost" to add a more dramatic look
  • Approximately 1.5 hours of photography
  • Private big-screen debut to reveal your Shades Photos
  • A 5x5 Classic album with eight photographs or $395 credit towards other products

Until then...
Laters Baby!!!

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