2013 Groupon questions and answers

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Q: Your web site has a number of sessions listed; can you tell me which one this Groupon offer is for?

A:  We have three special offers for our Groupon clients.  They are

A mini boudoir photography package which includes:

  •    A Pre-Session Consultation
  •    Professional Makeup Application
  •    Photography time lasting approximately 30 minutes
  •    On-Set Stylist for Your Wardrobe and Posing for one Outfit
  •    Photo Screening and Selection with Photo Design and Layout Services
  •    Retail Pricing: $295  
  •    Special Promotional Session Price: $145

 A mini boudoir photography package plus wall panel which includes:

  •    A Pre-session Consultation
  •    Professional Makeup Application
  •    Photography time lasting approximately 30 minutes
  •    On-Set Stylist for Your Wardrobe and Posing for one Outfit
  •    Photo Screening and Selection with Photo Design and Layout Services
  •    One 11×14 wall panel
  •    Retail Pricing: $495
  •    Special Promotional Session Price : $199

A mini boudoir photography package for two plus two wall panels which includes:

  •    A Pre-session Consultation for two
  •    Professional Makeup Application for two
  •    Photography time lasting approximately 30 minutes for two
  •    On-Set Stylist for Your Wardrobe and Posing for one Outfit each
  •    Photo Screening and Selection with Photo Design and Layout Services for two
  •    Two 11×14 wall panel
  •    Retail Pricing: $990
  •    Special Promotional Session Price : $399

The third option has been designed for you and a girl friend to come into the studio together for back-to-back sessions.  Each of you get makeup and your own photography session, the difference is you have one of your best friends to support you.

Q: If I purchase this can I upgrade to your other sessions listed and if so how much would that be?

A:  Of course!  If you wanted to add professional hair, that would be an extra $99.  If you wanted to add additional photography time, that would be $99 for 30 minutes.  To add both hair & extra photo time that upgrade for both would be $179.   You don’t need to decide now as payment for these upgrades would be made at the time of scheduling your session.

Q: Can you tell me how much your prints, albums and wall art cost to purchase?

A: We are a full service studio offering various photo products to showcase your photos most of which are hand made in the studio. Photo product pricing varies by product, style, and sizing, but here is some general pricing to give you an idea:  Prints start at $75 for an 8×10 photo, custom calendars start at $495, hard bound albums start at $595, boudoir boxes start at $695, and photo framed & wall pieces start at $195.

Q: Do you sell electronic photographs?  If so, in what size/format and how much do they cost?

A: We have a number of digital options for you to consider.  Our most popular is our Silver Screen which is a digital version of an album with the photographs playing as a video set to the music of your choice; this is priced at $895.  We often get requests from models who want high resolution electronic files and we have a model package that includes 10 high resolution files for $1000.  We have our Boudoir to Go application that works on iPhone’s, iPad’s and other mobile devices – you can get more details here, and that is priced at $195.  Lastly for any photograph that is purchased in an album, box, prints etc., we also offer low res digital copies for $20/each.

Q: How far out do you book sessions? 

A: We typically book out 2-3 weeks in advance and during our busy periods such as wedding season and the holidays, sometimes even further out.  We really encourage you to contact the studio as soon as you can to book your session, even if your session is months in advance. That way we make sure we can get you scheduled in time.

Q: How long after the photography session can I see my photographs, how does this process work, and how long do prints take to finish?

A: We host your own private big screen photography debut typically one week after your photography session. These debut meetings are held in our presentation room in the studio, where you’ll see your photographs on a large screen.  Once we have an order, final products typically take between 4-6 weeks to be ready.

Q: I have never done anything like this and I’m nervous, how do I get past this?

A: Most of us are nervous in front of the camera fully clothed, so we understand how nerve -wracking the thought of doing this can be.  We have a full team of experienced people to help you during the entire process, please try not to worry.   One important note, although many of our clients do wear lingerie or even go topless, boudoir isn’t about being nude.  It’s about capturing your inner beauty, focusing on making you feel confident, comfortable and bringing out the beautiful you!  So feel free to bring an adorable dress or your favorite set of jeans and we will do the rest!   If you have a few moments, please watch this short video of a previous Groupon client as she talks about her experience with us.



Q: Who does your hair & Makeup? 

A:  Our hair & makeup team come from Milagros Salon and Spa from Belltown.  They are a wonderful team and our clients love working with them.

Q: I’m a guy, can I do this?

A: Of course! While we don’t see men posing for their sweethearts as much as we’d like, we greatly encourage all men to give their partners a little sugar by posing for their very own boudoir photographs.  In addition to more traditional guys doing ‘Dude-oir’ session we have also seen many men in the studio who like to cross-dress and the occasional drag queen as well.

Q: I would love to do a session, but I would hate for my photographs to appear online, is there any way to prevent this?

A: We totally understand the personal and sensitive nature of the photographs and thus we do not publish any photograph of the client without their written permission.

Q: Who owns the copyright for the photographs?

A: Seattle Boudoir Photography reserves all copyright in its photographs. Seattle Boudoir Photography shall grant our clients limited license for personal use of the photographs. Should you have specific requirements for photographs such as model portfolios, please contact us to discuss options. As mentioned before, although Seattle Boudoir Photography retains copyrights we do not use our client’s photographs without their permission.

Q: How many photographs do you take in a session and how many do I get to choose from?

A: For these sessions we take approximately 200-300 photographs and present to our clients between 50-60 photographs to choose from.

Q: I would like to do this but I don’t know what to wear. Do you have any advice?

A: Our lead stylist offers an optional and complimentary wardrobe consultation with ideas on themes, looks, and advice on where to purchase different items before your session. Our studio is also equipped with a variety of pieces: from stockings and aprons, to slips and garters. We encourage you to treat yourself to something new – maybe sensual and sexy, or fun and flirty! Whether it’s a new bra and panty set or an elegant camisole, new lingerie can make any woman feel great. Whether you’re trying to achieve a number of different looks or just want some diversity, your wardrobe plays a big part in your session and will allow us to deliver a great variety of images to you.

Q: I have another question, what’s the best way to reach you?  

A: You can ask questions on the Groupon discussion board, or call us at the studio or use our online contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.