Boudoir 2 Go installation instructions

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Now that you have received an email with your Boudoir 2 Go application you might be wondering how to get it installed on your mobile device. The process is easy!

 First, because the file size for your album is a bit large, we recommend doing the install over a Wi-Fi network.  You may also get a prompt that says “Increase Local Storage?” Be sure to tap “Increase” if you would like to be able to view your album when you’re offline.

 So, let’s get started:

1. Click on the link that we sent you.

2. You will be prompted for a password. Simply enter the password we emailed.


3. Next it asks you to save the application on your phone. Tap ‘Add to Home Screen.’



4. Now you can name your app! The default name is “boudoir’, but you can rename the app to whatever you choose.


 Once you have unlocked your album with your password and have viewed your photos, be sure to lock your app (found at the bottom of the screen) if you want to keep your photos secure.

 After you’ve downloaded the app to your phone you can click ‘share’ and share your album with whomever you’d like!

 The last thing to know about the app… it’s currently not playing very well with Internet Explorer. If you have a Windows phone you may need to download an additional browser (Safari, Opera, etc.) to be able to download the app. Other phone devices (IPhone, Android, etc.) should work just fine with the app right off the start as they do not have IE as their operating browser.

If you have any questions at all, just email us or call.

Enjoy your Boudoir to Go app!

Boudoir 2 Go – our new mobile application

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We are super pleased to introduce our new mobile app – Boudoir to Go!

We have been looking for a mobile solution for our clients for a long while and we think we have found a great solution.  Our NEW ‘Boudoir 2 Go’ app is available for phones and tablets. This easy to use application loads quickly on your mobile device, giving you full screen photos and thumbnails which you can view to your heart’s content.  If you are feeling flirty you can even share it with friends!

One thing we knew we needed was protection from unwanted eyes!  Although many phones have passwords, we wanted to go further and have the application password protected as well.  It’s always good to know that no one can sneak a peek at your photos without your permission.  Also, we can be tricky and create a dummy name for the application such as ‘calculator’ with a picture of a calculator so no one will click on your special application.  Check out this short video to see how it works.

The Boudoir 2 Go app is available as a companion item for our clients who have purchased an album, a boudoir box, or multiple prints.  We have tested the app on iPhones, iPads and a bunch of Android devices.   If you have another mobile device that you would like to use it on please let us know as we can always send you our standard app to test out.

If you would like more information please let us know.  We cannot wait to design a Boudoir 2 Go app for you!

Lots of love from Ashley

Introducing Ms. M And Her Amazing Calendar

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Ms. M. brought one of our favorite clothing items to her session; stockings! And what a set of stockings they were! We had too much fun styling and posing Ms. M., making sure that we showed off her amazing legs as well as her other assets. Her pink and black teddy shows off her wonderful curves while making us want to see more. When she wasn’t showing off her wonderful smile Ms. M. let us see her sassy side. Although Ms. M originally came in for a gift for her traveling husband, she claimed almost all of the photographs for herself! The gift that she finally decided would be for her husband was the calendar. The calendar is a great gift that will always remind a traveling partner just what they’re missing at home! Here are a few of Ms. M’s calendar pages.


We’re very happy that such an outgoing, confident, and fun spirited lady chose us for her photography session and allowed us to create such a lovely calendar for her and her husband.

Introducing Paintings – another lovely way to display your photographs

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This is the second announcement of an exciting new product offered to our studio by a fabulous Seattle artist. This time we’re introducing you to handmade paintings! We are very happy to offer this enhancement to your photographs by local artist, Amy! As a past client, Amy had used one of her own paintings as a prop during her session. We fell in love with the work that she did that we asked her to provide paintings as an option for our amazing clients and she was very excited to do so! She loves using her talent and keen eye to show women how beautiful they really are, which fits perfectly with what we do here in our studio!

You can have your favorite image turned into an amazing painting in several different styles. Using acrylics, Amy can create an impressionistic style for you which will emphasize the luminous colors from the photograph while highlighting the contours of your body. Looking for something a bit more straightforward? Water coloring is an option that will give a whimsical look to your image. If you’d love to have an eclectic look that allows you to hang your painting anywhere in your home, you can opt for the mixed medium option! Amy can paint your image to make it abstract while combining other materials; ribbons, artisan paper, buttons… the options for mixed medium are near endless.



Whether you’re a new client who’s eagerly waiting to view your photographs from your session or you’re a past client who loves the idea of transforming your photograph into a painting, we can’t wait to have you into our studio to show you the different options and techniques available to create a one of a kind painting for you!



Introducing Encaustics – A wonderful way to display your photos!

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This is the first of two announcements new exciting product offerings by two fabulous Seattle artists.  First up, we are proud to offer to all of our clients a new photography product to the Seattle Boudoir Photography studio… Encaustics! What is an encaustic you may ask? The word “encaustic” is derived from an ancient Greek term that means “to burn into”. It was a painting medium used thousands of years ago by melting beeswax and adding various colored pigments to create paints that would be applied to a number of things. Encaustic portraits from the ancient Egyptians are vivid and crisp in color to this very day! With Now with the creation of photography, we can apply this ancient medium to a modern art form, creating pieces that are painterly, artistic, and totally unique to each client!  We are proud to offer images that are artistically enhanced by a local encaustic artist, Angela! Check out her website here

What makes an encaustic different from a print? Well, once you have picked out the photograph you’d love to have turned into an encaustic during your preview meeting our encaustic artist will mount your image to a wooden base and enhance the image with waxes and resins. The wax is applied to your image in a manner that gives the image a glow or painterly feel. The final product will be archival and a unique piece of art that will last a lifetime with proper care.

All encaustic pieces are painted with the highest quality encaustic mediums and oil paints by our encaustic artist, Angela. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity showing the date of completion and signature of the artist. Your first 3 weeks of ownership will be covered with a free encaustic repair if it shows minor scratches or damage within that time. If there is any damage after the first 3 weeks, Angela, our local encaustic artist, can still fix your lovely piece at an hourly charge.

We can’t wait to show you the different encaustic styles and options available to you at our studio!


Boudoir Products: Our classic album

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Over the last year we have worked hard to find a range of photography products for our clients to display their photographs.   Its fair to say at the start of 2011 I wasn’t super happy with the breadth and depth of our offerings, to me they were too limiting in both variety and budget.  So at the start of last year we spent a lot of time researching different products and getting samples in the studio to experiment with.  As we start 2012, our forth year as a boudoir studio I feel really good about our product range.  Not that we are done looking for new products, even this week we just added a new product that we are excited about (more to come later) and there are a few areas that we need to find solutions for.  But we have come a long way in our ability to offer a range of products at different sizes, styles and price points.

One of the top categories of products that our clients are looking for are albums.   Because everyone’s taste and style is so different it quickly become apparent that we needed a range of albums styles that appeal to different clients.    So we ended up with three styles, our Classic Album, our Contemporary Album, and then we have our Chic Album.  A few examples above.  All albums are available in both landscape and portrait orientations. Once you have narrowed down your favorites photographs, one of our design consultants will work with you to layout the photographs in a dynamic fashion so that your photographs will really shine.

Here we have some examples of our timeless Classic Album with its silky black cover.  As an artisan studio, we assemble our archival quality products carefully by hand  and each photograph in our Classic Album is carefully printed and mounted in-house by our skilled framer, Kimi.  Our Classic Album is offered in a variety of sizes and dimensions ranging between 8×8 and 11×14. With photographs mounted directly onto pages, these entirely handmade albums are durable and substantial – a true work of art.  In addition to the black cover there are a number of other covers available for those of you that would like a little bit of color in your bedroom.   Our classic albums start out with eight photographs, but clients can add both extra photographs as well as extra pages.

Here are some sample shots of some of our classic albums, aren’t they pretty!


We will be adding more blog posts over the coming months on our different display options, but don’t forget we offer studio tours so if you want to come check out the complete range you can.

Cheers, Phil

Come meet us at Zovo this coming Thursday evening

We are honored to be featured at Zovo Lingerie this coming Thursday evening.   We just got done doing a wonderfully fun session with the staff from Zovo and we all had such a great time.  If you have ever wondered what having a boudoir session is like with us and have questions please come visit the store and chat, we would love to see you Smile 


Seattle Boudoir

Seattle Boudoir

Announcing Seattle Boudoir Photography Summer Promotion

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With the weather that feels like Summer arriving early we thought that it was time to announce our Summer Promotion.   So for  everyone who books this summer, we are offering an upgrade from our regular 9×9 Folio Package that typically contains two 5×7 prints to a much larger 12×12 folio with two beautiful 7×10 photos for no extra charge!   It’s the perfect gift for your special someone or just for yourself.   Spice up your boy or girl’s summer with the gift of you to celebrate an anniversary, birthday, your wedding, or just to say I love you. 

At only $450, sometimes bigger really is better!   Check out this photo to see the difference in size. 

Seattle Boudoir Photography

Click here to learn more about our Folio Packages video that features the lovely Nicole.

Ladies, here’s your chance to be a Magazine Cover Girl

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Now ladies we all know that our guys, no matter how much they adore us, will checkout the beautiful ladies on the cover’s of the magazine’s at the newsstands. Whether it be fun and flirty Maxim or the little more erotic Playboy.  We have come up with a really fun gift idea – your own Pinup Magazine Cover.   After your session in our boudoir photography studio in Seattle, we will take one of your favorite photographs and turn it into your own customizable cover.  You choose up to four headlines and abra cadabra, it’s all about you.  We then print it and frame it for you in an 8×10 frame.  

So if you’re looking for a completely fun and unique gift for your partner this may just be the perfect thing. And at just $99, the price can’t be beat either! 



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